What is a Servo?

A Servo is a small device that incorporates a two wire DC motor, a gear train, a potentiometer, an integrated circuit, and an output shaft. Of the three wires that stick out from the motor casing, one is for power, one is for ground, and one is a control input line. The shaft of the servo can be positioned to specific angular positions by sending a coded signal. As long as the coded signal exists on the input line, the servo will maintain the angular position of the shaft. If the coded signal changes, then the angular position of the shaft changes.

What is servo motor?

This is nothing but a simple electrical motor, controlled with the help of servomechanism. If the motor as controlled device, associated with servomechanism is DC motor, then it is commonly known DC Servo Motor. If the controlled motor is operated by AC, it is called AC Servo Motor.


  •    Robotics

  •    Conveyor Belts

  •    Camera Auto Focus

  •    Robotic Vehicle

  •    Solar Tracking System

  •    Metal Cutting & Metal Forming Machines

  •    Antenna Positioning

  •    Woodworking/CNC

  •    Textiles

  •    Printing Presses/Printers

  •    Automatic Door Openers

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