Forward Reverse

Techsuppen make Forward Reverse motor starter designed for Industrial motor and Agricultural Pump. We provide customised solution for Forward Reverse Starter as per the customer requirement.

As the name suggests this Motor Starter is used where the motor needs to rotate in both sides (Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise). Its operated with use of buttons. Green button starts the motor. Red button stops it and black reverses the operation.

This starter provides complete protection from Overloading. It consists of two major components are called as Contactors and Overload Relay. We use very high quality alloys as contacts so that the precise and chatter-free operation is achieved. The Solenoid coils inside the contactors are machine-wound with use high-precision winding machines.


  • Forward Reverse starters are widely used due to their relatively low price.

  • There are no limits to the number of times they can be operated.

  • The components require very little space.

  • The starting current is reduced to approximately one-third.


  • Long Life.

  • Superior Performance.

  • Easy Maintenance.

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