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How VFD Actually Works

place and more widely used in applications. They are capable of varying the output speed of a motor without the need for mechanical pulleys, thus reducing the number of mechanical components and overall maintenance. But the biggest advantage that a VFD has is the ability to save the user money through its inherit nature to save energy by consuming only the power that’s needed. The main question now is, How does a VFD accomplish this? The simple answer to this question is power conversion.
A VFD is similar to the motor to which it’s attached, they both convert power to a usable form. In the case of an induction motor, the electrical power supplied to it is converted to mechanical power through the rotation of the motor’s rotor and the torque that it produces through motor slip. A VFD, on the other hand, will convert its incoming power, a fixed voltage and frequency, to a variable voltage and frequency. This same concept is also the basis to vary the speed of the motor without the need of adjustable pulleys or gearing changes.

Technical Advantages of VFD Installation

We are having one year AMC free with installation of above control panel (replacement of electrical components will be at customer ’s scope).

  • Improves Power Factor.
  • Improves life of motor & bearings.
  • Reduces maintenance cost.
  • 24 X 7 technical assistance.
  • Saving electricity approximately 30- 50% of your previous energy bills.
  • Easy for maintenance* ( 30 % to 50 % depends of HP capacity of motor ).
  • Technical future adaptation possible if you need to change the process parameters.
  • Safety of your electric motor.
  • Provision of Auto & Manual modes.
  • RPM reading, voltmeter analog meter, phase indicators, emergenc stop.
  • Aesthetical look of control panel with standard provision..

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