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The right system for every application in every industry In factory automation as well in infrastructure applications,Techsuppen SCADA systems are redefining efficiency. For Professional & operational applications with highly customer-specific adaptation requirements support international standards and platforms. This makes it easy to integrate in existing hardware and provides for seamless integration in the electrical automation world. Automation solutions and innovative operating concepts ensure easy, rapid access to plant information, while extensive safety standards prevent operating errors.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are robust industrial control systems that allow multiple users to monitor and control an unlimited number of processes from multiple locations throughout your facility. The key advantage to SCADA controlled systems is that the controlling software is located at a single, central location. All the users access the system through a basic internet web browsing program. Techsuppen SCADA systems are a reasonable-cost alternative to operating and maintaining multiple systems throughout your facility.
Managing and maintaining a SCADA system is much less cumbersome than trying to keep multiple systems updated. A SQL database (common throughout most network systems) stores all the data in a single location. Your IT staff will find system updates fast and simple. A Techsuppen SCADA system will make your overall operation more efficient, and less prone to operating system errors.

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