Techsuppen designs and manufactures custom enclosures, weldments, and bent shapes for virtually any industrial or commercial application. Whether the project calls for a single custom panel or a continuous stream of enclosures, Techsuppen has a solution to fit your needs.

Techsuppen designs and manufactures a variety of custom enclosures to protect sophisticated electrical and electronic controls, instruments and components from water, corrosion, dirt, dust and oil. We build our custom enclosures to fit you needs, meaning we’ll cut holes and provide customized windows, doors and hinges. We’ll also paint your enclosure any color you’d like.

Our experienced staff can weld, frame, and assemble virtually any enclosure you can imagine. We can help you with a custom order or professionally finish and assemble parts created elsewhere. Techsuppen can create and assemble your enclosure and also install electrical components or other parts so you don’t have to.

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